I'm surprised you remember me.

I got stuck in traffic.

As the catterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys.

She insisted that he play the piano.


I do everything for myself.


I had no idea where I should go.

Maybe someone here knows where Andries lives.

He said to himself, "Will this operation result in success?"

Switzerland is famous for its scenic beauty.

He wanted to go to the beach.

Why are you wearing a tie today?

She took the trouble to find a home for them.

Ravi should've been here by 2:30.

If you put your mind to it, and you really want it, you can achieve it, whatever it is.

I had not waited long before he arrived.

He was hit by a car and died instantly.


I have to help her.

"What did you think of Gil?" "He's got a nice voice." "Just a nice voice?" "Well, his face is nothing special, right?" "Really! I think he's pretty good looking."

They took every possibility into consideration.


The Alps are in the center of Europe.

How did we get into so much trouble?

Please give an example.

The day after tomorrow is Eduardo's birthday.

Winter is here, and the weather's getting cold.

We're about three kilometers off shore.

Dirk is worried about you.

What do you really think of him?

Our international sales continue to grow, bringing the name of Toyo Computer into businesses world-wide.


The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt Jones.

This material is cheaper.

You destroyed my BMW!

I don't know how to express my thanks.

Unlike my brother, I cannot swim.

Victoria wants to do something special for Paul's birthday.

I've learned a lot from Howard.

Rakhal put a cup of coffee on the table in front of Henry.

It is often easier to make plans that it is to carry them out.

That would be normal.

The "prince of darkness" means Satan.


I want a pen friend.


Call me this afternoon.


The rich man's house should not burn, the young man's wife should not die, and the old man's son should not die.

They made me swear not to say anything.

Are you okay?


May I try this sweater on?

Why didn't you say so?

Would you please allow me to treat you to dinner next week?

Francisco told Kate to talk to John.

If you ate fewer burgers, you'd probably be healthier.

Don't slurp your soup.

She wore suggestive clothing.

You can't ask us to believe this.

She was seated between Doyle and Lin.

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I hope you know it doesn't really matter all that much.

There's no one in the house.

Let me tell you why you shouldn't be here.


I asked Serdar to make sure that he didn't show up late.

Miltos thinks that's true.

Even as we speak, envious time will have fled: seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the hereafter.


Roy was dying.

Jane didn't even know who Sabrina was.

Sjouke was killed in the crash.

Jim was so tired that he lay down and slept.

It's not that simple.

Do not look out the window.

Barrio wrung out the cloth.

Tareq walked around the island.

It was hard to work without breakfast.


We don't know where he is.


He and I don't agree on that matter, but it's not me who is wrong.

The day is gray and there is much snow in the mountains.

Merton can't play the piano.

There's something I need to give to you.

Watch out for your tongue.

Does anyone know where Samir is?

Carl's mother still buys his clothes for him.

Kelly is a great performer.

Jeany has already decided where to go.

Don't leave your work half done.

I'm seeing Alastair again tonight.

I'm just really blessed.

Maybe that's something worth considering.

Could you please have a look at this?

Pat looked at me and smiled.

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I know my keys are here somewhere.


They ate and drank wine.

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Even if he is busy, he will come.

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Does anybody here trust them?

He is always online.

The two brothers have died.

Vicki showed Ritalynne around.

I had been reading a book when he came in.

If you want to go, I won't stop you.

May I borrow your lighter?

Is the 't' pronounced in this word?

Emmett took an anger management class.

After a day of visiting the amusement park, the children fell asleep on the car ride home.

Don't let him touch it.

He should resign from his post, since it's too much responsibility for him.

Drive more carefully, or you will run into trouble.

Car windows accumulate frost on winter mornings.

I play basketball with Ravindran.


Mom made a cake for my birthday.

I have just half an hour to have lunch, take a dump and rest before I go back to work.

I'd like to hear a lot more about your trip.


This is a support group for widows.

Where have you been, young man?

I want to eat meat and vegetables.

He is always very affectionate with his relatives.

I didn't want to humiliate Robin.

Do you accept credit cards?

I intended to have called on him, but I couldn't.

How long were you gone?

How many other houses does Ramiro own?

I can't do this without you guys.

The stock market is in a prolonged slump.

We complain about our neighbors.

Oliver's reached a point in his life where he has to make some pretty important decisions.

I've always distrusted you.

Mott didn't write Jane back.

Daryl went there to learn French.

Yeah, we already know you're a big guy!

I returned to my native village after two years' absence.

It's about something else.

I knew that would interest you.

His uncle will undertake the responsibility for him.

Benson and I dated a long time ago.

Barbra was very upset.

Did you tell Nora about your accident?

Olaf knows how to talk to children.

He can fix the heater.

The Paraguayan scored three goals.

Randell didn't hesitate.

Matthieu has worked very hard.

She picked flowers in the garden.

The mayor denied having taken a bribe.


He prides himself on having been accepted into our football team.

I'm a conscientious objector.

I am barking like a dog.


I thought Chet was on vacation in Australia.


It was very cute!

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I'm flattered.

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.

We're about ready.

No one knows when such a custom came into existence.

I can hear Collin.

Erwin said to meet him at the little restaurant across from the post office.

The watch is slow.

Two weeks of heavy rain resulted in flooding.

Why doesn't the U.S. switch to the metric system?

Rees was glad he didn't have to live in Boston for more than a year.

I am 30 years old now.


Tulips are in full bloom now.

They all are waiting in the parking lot.

I never actually believed Thomas was a Canadian.

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That's worth three hundred dollars.

Time wounds all heels.

There are still many things left to learn about the human brain.


It's a polytechnic engineer.

Frost touched the flower.

Venkata was ashamed of you.

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Hamilton armed himself with a knife.


Is this a tax-free shop?

I told her no.

Claire's a bit of a talker.

That's what we're looking for.

Ninja won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

At the end of the path there was a mailbox. One day, there was an exciting letter in it, and it was for me.

Compared to many other countries, the average intake of trans-fats per person in Japan is low and it is hypothesized that it does not have a strong impact on health.

They should never play foul.

I think she's telling the truth.